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How to make a PVC key chain?


How to make a PVC key chain?

There are  process to make a pvc key chain.

1. Prepare the material: you need to mix the pvc oil, pvc resin, stabilizer with other agents in certain ratio by mixing machine.

2. Remove the bubbles from material: After finishing mixed, put the material to the vacuum machine to reduce the air agents by vacuum machine. Because there has air bubble in material  after  mixing, which will affect the appearance of the product. So this process is necessary to do.

3. Fill the mold: put the finished material into barrels of dispensing machine, set a program according the mold, and then fill the mold with material.

4. Bake the mold: set the temperature and baking time according to the mold size, thickness and other factors, put the filled mold into oven and bake it to reduce the water agents from material.

5. Finished.

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